On the beach, my allergies are better! True story?

In reality, everything gets better when we are on vacation, don't you agree? Life is so much easier on the beach.

Let's focus on allergies today.

One in three people have allergies. This number is increasing due to our lifestyle full of city pollution, cigarette smoke, things we eat, stress, lost sleep, and so many more items.

But Seasonal changes are always difficult for allergies sufferers.

The simple fact of approaching the beach and breathing the salty air, can be beneficial. This air also helps calm the brain and have antidepressant effects, by is molecular composition.

So my health gets much better when I'm on the beach?

Well, the truth is, if you're not changing anything during the year, 15 days on the beach can't change your whole life of allergies.

You’ll notest the following improvements, at the beach:

- You'll be exfoliate! Doesn't seem much, but sand stimulates bottom feet and skin renews itself.

- You'll gain muscle strength by swimming and walking.

- You're lungs will be breathing natural salty air to clean mucus.

- Vitamin D from the sun exposure will allow calcium penetration.

- You'll be happier by feeling better, sleeping better, eating better.

With the sea, skin allergies as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and acne are reduced.

Anemic people improves. Gynecological diseases are treated naturally. Sea water helps fight depression.

And all this thanks to the large amount of minerals transported from water to sea breeze: like a big natural marine aerosol – all environments next to the sea are precious friends to health.

So lungs are very beneficiated and Breathing improves significantly from first days.

Seawater has many components that bring relaxation to the body, take the pain away and re energize. No wonder that ancient people believed that a salt bath can clean negative energies.

This is actually an interlaced effect from living in a slower mode: gains in health and longer lifetime, you can see reflected on your allergies right away, but it is just part of a big picture.

Read here how the lack of rest can affect your brain and energy.

Would you like to read more health articles? Leave us your opinion about how vacations impact your mental and body life and the gains you take from it.

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