Faro beach top 4 activities

If you're planning your vacations and considering Wax hostel for your retire (for his peaceful and quiet location), you got it! 😂 Nothing like wake up without city noises. Fresh mornings and the smell of filtered coffee fills the mind and heart, and those are the kind of memories we take for life.

But if you want a funny, sporty and cool vacations spot, you've got it too! Faro Beach is full of life and activities, majority water sports.

So, take a good night sleep, pick your cup of filtered coffee and let's go!

Those are TOP 4 Faro Beach activities:

1 - Bike or Walking tours

Built-in 2017, the brand new walkway that connects Faro city to Faro Beach, is completely restricted to people access, so is a great possibility for you to enjoy a morning walk or a bicycle ride. Just across the road you can access Ria Formosa path to complete your 2 hours morning tour. Ria Formosa is a protected sea area with native animals as flamingos, violinist crabs or chameleons. Not just fauna, but flora as well - you'll find a lot of native plants. Do it all on your own it's free, secure and easy, but you can ask for a guide as well to take you to hidden places or organize something fancier.

2 - Surf or bodyboard classes

If you're already a pro, you won't need this.. Just pick a board! Otherwise, if you like water and would like to take your chance of learning a new sport, you can book a class at Clube Surf de Faro. In regular basis you can try it on Sundays, but you'll find surfers every day at the beach. Faro Beach is a great spot to the sport. If we have a River coast along city, the other beach coast is along the wavy ocean, making a perfect match for all water sports.

3 - Sup or canoeing

Not obligatory, but if you're a noob, your class will be at the river side. For a symbolic price the Centro náutico da praia Faro, makes group classes. It's a shareful and funny time to meet people too! So don't be afraid if you're a person that don't learn at first, those are really easy sports in very easy waters!

4 - Boat tours

It's possible to book a boat with guide to drive you along all coast. Every day, at 10 o'clock, departs a 1h30 tour by Ria Formosa. Is a new perspective of natural life, coast and sea life. So if you like water but not in a mood of getting inside, or maybe just a good way to do a family activity, this is certainly for you.

Those are the top activities that you can use to fill your days here. You can ask at reception for equipment to rent or tours to book. Feel free to ask for help to plan your days, and most of all, enjoy every second.

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