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Aren't you tired of living without time?

If I ask you where you'd like to be right now, you’d probably answer “Caribbean island”, wouldn't you? Or some deserted island without a cell phone, computo rand car. Instead of being locked in the office, where your companions are the emails that you have to answer and that colleague who doesn't go with your face.

The truth is, we like to be connected as much as possible. We master social networks on the phone purchased with the credit card. We live without time for the easiest simple thing, and we feel that in “old days”, we had more time. Now? “Time flies!", they say.

I am not a psychologist or intend to be, but it is urgent that we all stop to recover from our physical and mental exhaustion. Especially mental.

We've all been worn out, without patience and untolerant. It is impossible to do the best of us if our brain does not rest. No, I'm not trying to sell you any trips, or inviting you to join me on an "around the world" trip.

We easily noticed the differences between “the before” and “the after” from vacations.

For six years, I hadn’t vacations. I worked on my own and i Thought that I was doing my best. In my head, taking time off whould be equal of losing a lot of money and maybe some customers.

Two years later, I saw and analyzed the harm I did to myself. I killed my creativity, i wored my brain until I couldn't take it anymore. I was living for the sake of money that was easily spent. I missed moments with friends that i whouldn’t recover. And this was, perhaps, the saddest part of which I regret bitterly.

The hardest, but necessary, is to realize that we are not machines, and we need this pause as much we need a meal full of nutrients.

It is urgent to review our interests, our tastes and wills. We need to set goals and strategies to achieve them. Do you want to travel to Kenya? Don't give up until you buy a plane ticket. If you won’t find anyone that crazy, to go with you, go anyway! There's nothing better than your own companion.

We need to think more about ourselfes. We need to meet ourselfes. We need to create memories. Lots of memories. Different memories. To meet new cultures, full and different flavors. We need to live in the true meaning of living. No fears, no reservations.

As much as your work brings to you a stuffed bank account, remember that traveling is what feeds your soul. And if you do it more often, you'll only have gains.

Speaking of vacation... How long has it been since you've thought about it?

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